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Webpage:Ana Khouri
Instagram: @anakhouri

Photographe: Karla Lisker
Instagram: @karlalisker


Coffee or Tea: Tea
Book or movie: Movie and book
Digital Or Print: Print
New York or Brooklyn: Both
Conceptual or figurative art: Conceptual
Running or Yoga: Yoga
Rose or White gold: White gold


Mexican Artist: Frida Kahlo, of course. Who isn’t in love with her? Such an inspiration. I also like Gabriel Orozco.
Brunch: Rose Bakery
Guilty pleasure: Sleep
Art period or movement: SEMANA DE 22 – Semana da arte moderna no brasil.
Museum: The Metropolitan in NYC – inhotim in Belo Horizonte – v&a in London.


“I wanted to be able to learn the rules before I could break them”, says Ana Carolina Khouri when explaining why she went back to school to study jewelry design and gemology. What a strong phrase! Just as powerful as her personality, and creations.

She was born in Sao Paolo, Brazil, but spent her formative years between the US and her native country. She went to art school in Brazil, where she studied sculpture. Later, she went to school in New York and London to further her knowledge in gemology. It is this perfect combination of her academic career and her vision that lead her to create such unmistakable jewelry designs.

Ana is the perfect example of what we can achieve as humans; and as women;  when we set our hearts on it. She knew what she wanted and went after it. Period.

Khouri is very artistic in her line of work: “What first attracted me into working with jewelry was the dialogue between the lines and shapes of the body and the jewelry. The jewelry being anatomic as if it was almost part of the body, dressing the body and enhancing the beauty of the body lines.”

But everyone needs a little bit of inspiration in order to CREATE. And Ana is no exception. She is a HUGE FAN of Louise Bourgeois, declaring that she really connected with her work in her younger years.

But inspiration not only comes from art, Ana claims to be a sucker for Rose Bakery! Especially the one in NYC, after all, a well-fed tummy accounts for a creative soul.

And talking about inspiration, specifically art wise, we asked her about Mexico and whether she finds it exciting… “Mexico is such a rich country in all senses. The art, the colors, the people, the minerals, culture, food… I have great friends there and love spending time there.”

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