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Photographer: Cheli González Prado
Instagram: @cheli.gpp

Editing & Composition: Nabilah Tarin Hasseff @nabitarin
Mariana Hernández Ampudia @marianahampudia

Pick One

Movie or Book: Dany: Both,  Angie: Movie
Yoga or Running: Dany: Yoga,  Angie: Running
Digital or Print: Dany: Print,  Angie: Print
Mezcal or Sake: Dani: Sake, Angie: Sake
Linen or Wool: Dani: Linen, Angie: Wool
Hiking or Inside Training: Dani: Hiking, Angie: Inside Training
Matcha or White Tee: Dani: Matcha. Angie: White Tea


Photographer: Annie Leibovitz
Spa Treatment: Swedish 
Dessert: Merengue, Cipriani
Lyric: L’Éte Indien
IG Account: @goop , @lesfillesdunord
Modern Artist: Banksy
Restaurant: Contramar
Favorite Dish: Tuna Toast
Fashion Editor: Emmanuelle Alt
Documentary: Guerras Mundiales

Give us a small description of your journey so far.

Neither of us studied anything remotely related to fashion. Angie has an MBA and has always worked in business development of new companies, and some companies within the fashion industry. Meanwhile, Dany studied Law and ended up working for several years as a fashion buyer in Palacio de Hierro.


When did the ‘aha’ moment to start your business happen?

In 2015, we realized that Mexico lacked beachwear brands that combined Mexican design with European trends. That’s where the idea of Les Filles Du Nord was born, with the sole objective of portraying our designs of artisanal embroidery.


What is your main purpose? What drives you to wake up in the morning?

To create pieces that communicate that we are a brand 100% made in Mexico who supports artisanal craftsmanship.


Tell us about your creative process.

The process is based on the artisanal work we want to share. Even though not all the pieces are embroidered, some take hours of seaming work.


An icon that inspires you.

Although we are a very monochromatic brand, we love the eccentric and colorful world of Iris Apfel.


The next place, museum or concert you’ll stop by?

Most definitely Modigliani’s Expo in Bellas Artes.


Three styles you feel inspired by?

Leia Sfez, Caroline de Maigret, and Lauren Santo Domingo.


What inspires you about Mexico?

As for many others, its beaches.


A blog worth reading daily.

The Cut.


How are you contributing into making our planet a more livable, sustainable and healthy place?

We support the proposal of the Colombian company, Cascara Tech. Because of them, we’ve changed our plastic packaging and cardboard labels to biodegradable materials made from plants.


Mention a quote you like that represents the way you have embraced the change we’re living.

By changing nothing, nothing changes.” -Tony Robbins


A fun project, concept or talent you discovered recently and want to share with others.

Tribu by Lafs. A platform that helps connect and strengthen the communication between people in the fashion and design industry in Latin America.


How is Mexico contributing to the design and art scene?

Mexico has been a jewel in the art world for years. It contributes with diverse artistic styles where there is space for exploration, experimentation and creating unexpected things. From the beginning with our pre-Hispanic Art, all the way to Contemporary Art, we have always been a source of inspiration to the rest of the world.

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