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Instagram: @panaderiarosetta
Weboage: http://www.rosetta.com.mx/

Photographer: Ana Hop
Instagram: @anahop


Coffee or tea: Both
Italian or French: Both
Book or movie: Both
Eric Ripert (Le Bernardin) or Mauro Maccioni (Le Cirque)Eric Ripert
Sake or mezcal: Sake and mezcal
The 90´s or the 20´s: The 20´s


Dessert: Desserts from St. John, or the goat cheese from Edgar Núñez.
Guilty pleasure: Pleasure without Guilt 
Restaurant: Cany, which conveys passion, talent, and authenticity. 
Coffee shop worth stopping byLa Panadería de Colima. 
Cooking book: The Bread Builders, by Allan Scott and Daniel Wing
Museum: The National Gallery, Museo de Geología of UNAM, among many others.


Elena Reygadas is the chef behind the incredible success of restaurant Rosetta. She has a degree in English Literature by UNAM, in Mexico City, and a diploma by the French Culinary Institute of Manhattan. For several years, she worked at Locanda Locatelli in London but in 2010, she came back to Mexico and launched her own restaurant, Rosetta. Two years later, she opened two of the most delicious bakery shops called Panadería.

According to her, hamburgers are a bit overrated. Her star element is the best ingredient of the season; you can always find aromatic herbs in her kitchen; she is a bread lover and her favorite spots for brunch are Nicos and Lalos. Elena decided she wanted to embrace a culinary career when she had the opportunity to serve her first catering for a movie. “ I had to be very organized”, she said. “Adjust to and coordinate difficult schedules, prepare a variety of menus and multitask. That experience made me realize that cooking was my passion”

Elena believes that her business’ success comes from an excellent teamwork, discipline and organization. For her, being comfortable and having a good communication with her teamwork are the keys to a positive working atmosphere. She loves to take risks and explore while cooking,but most of all having the satisfaction of achieving her creation and sharing that passion with others. Within her creative process, she finds inspiration in the lifestyle and atmosphere of European coffee shops of the XIX and XX centuries; especially those of Vienna. She admires the German Expressionism artists and looks up to Nahui Olin for his exercise of freedom, his vital impulse, his beauty and the intensity with which he lives his life. If she could choose a time to live in, the Porfiriato would be her first choice.

Elena Reygadas is a talent that represents the culinary art. Her means of expression are her innovative and delightful creations. Having the best critiques, Rosetta and Panadería have become some of the trendiest spots of the moment, especially for food porns. A delicious fact is that her pastries, both savory and sweet (conchas, peasant bread, chocolatines, focaccia, cinnamon rolls, bollos and baguettes, among many others), are entirely hand made. TFA recommends the cinnamon roll from Panadería and the eggplant salad from Rosetta.

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