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Hi guys! I’m Ivanna, Social Media Editor at Coveteur here in NYC. This has been my 8th New York Fashion Week, (from intern to now editor!) so I have a few favorite spots to chill, drink, eat, and of course, shop. You could do the matcha thing, the cronut thing, but why not eat, drink, shop like a young New Yorker? Trends come and go, but trust me, these next places are here to stay. Most shows happen downtown, so here’s a list of some of my favorites. From SoHo to the East Village, here’s my quick guide on how to do #NYFW like a fun, young editor.


Maryam Nassir Zadeh @maryam_nassir_zadeh

Her store in LES (Lower East Side) is probably my favorite to window shop. Colorful, creative, and very much curated to her own brand as well!

The Frankie Shop @thefrankieshop

The latest in Ganni, but also where you find your next vintage-inspired find. I love coming in here for new stuff, and the shop is so well designed it makes you want to shop (so maybe leave that to your discretion).


The Flower Shop @theflowershopnyc

Um… an absolute favorite for me. Have had dinner here maybe 3 times in the past month. Great for a bite, but also very cute and intimate for drinks.

Mother’s Ruin @mothersruinnyc

Not only is it super conveniently located in the heart of Nolita, it also houses some of my favorite house-made cocktails. Are you a fan of Mezcal? Get in there STAT.

Galli @gallirestaurant

This bar/restaurant in the heart of Soho is close to my office, so I’m always here on a Friday night with co-workers. It also happens to be 5 minutes away from Spring Studios (where most shows are located), so if you’re in the mood for a drink after a later show, this place is a cute choice!


Office Coffee in Canal Street Market @officecoffeenyc

This place is a block away from my office and just a few minutes out from Spring Studios, and the coffee here is amazing. I am obsessed with Office Magazine, so you’re also able to get the latest one here! If you collect magazines, they house other fun, eclectic indie publications.

Chillhouse @chillhouse

A massage, a mani, a coffee, a gluten free almond croissant. This is my routine for when I go to Chillhouse. It’s conveniently located in the heart of LES, so def book some chill time here when you’re not as busy… something a New Yorker could probably never really understand.


Minnie´s on Clinton (For Brunch or Dinner) @minniesonclinton

Obsessed with the halloumi cheese with poached eggs. Located in LES, this place houses just about any kind of appetite!

Lalito @lalito_nyc

My favorite dinner spot! Located in between Tribeca/Chinatown/Soho this place is perfect for a vegetarian/vegan meal. The whole set up is beautiful, and the bathroom is so fun (the bathroom should honestly be your reason to come eat here).

L’estudio @lestudiony

Best ricotta waffles in town!! This LES hotspot is great for brunch, or a drink

Westbourne @westbourne

Perfect for lunch, this place knows good veggies. I am obsessed with their reuben sandwich and charcuterie plate. One thing I crave (and get every single Friday): their celery kombucha. Everyone is freaking about celery juice right now… but they’ve been doing this celery Kombucha for years! Perfect way to hydrate in between shows.

Good Thanks NYC @goodthanksnyc

Ok, is it just me? Or are the Aussies and their super delicious food taking over Manhattan? I am obsessed with this LES hole in the wall, and definitely recommend their Kimchi eggs. I actually have dreams about them.


Matcha or Coffee: Coffee, I know people say that matcha is better for you but honestly I’m a New Yorker and I need that caffeine to hit me STAT.

Yoga or Running: Running, though I do love a good hot yoga!!

Film or Movie: Movie because I love film (especialmente el Cine Mexicano!!!) Though I will say, if I’m reading a book you probably won’t be able to take it off my hands!!

Broadway or Hollywood: Broadway, but I’m bias, I did musical theatre growing up!

Digital or Print: Both because I’m a firm believer that both have their strengths and weaknesses at telling a good story, which is what journalism is all about! I love reading Vogue Mexico. I buy (or make my cousin in CDMX) the monthly issue, but I also love reading Coveteur’s articles because they have video and such incorporated in the storytelling!


Book: Arráncame La Vida by Ángeles Mastretta.

Gallery: Fisher Parrish in Brooklyn (super small but super funky artists!)

Music Festival: Fyre Festival because it still honestly can’t believe that happened and comes to show just how powerful social media can be. But if we’re being serious, SXSW because it’s not just a concert but a hub where artists and creatives can also meet, speak and connect on an industry level!

Photographer: Natalia Mantini, she knows how to capture the aura of a person within her photography and I am here for it. Her recent shoot with Yalitza Aparicio from “Roma” for the New York Times was jaw-dropping, I literally made our Beauty Director save me the printed issue of The NY Times!! (This is what I mean by print also being a great outlet for telling a story!!)

Documentary: Would have to be RBG or “Notorious RBG”, the story of our Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. This documentary will make you go… wow. This woman was a definite trailblazer not through her actions, but through her words and argument. I’ve seen this documentary 4 times now.

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