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Web page: www.trista.com.mx/es
Instagram: @brandtrista
Facebook: www.facebook.com/brandtrista

Photographer: Karla Lisker
Instagram: @karlalisker

Interview and Editing: Monica Diaz
Instagram: @monicadiazm

Location: Terreno Baldio
Instagram: @terrenobaldioarte



Silk or lace: Lace
Digital or print: Print
Almond milk or coconut milk: Almond milk
Impressionism or cubism: Cubism



Mexican artist:
Siqueiros and Tamayo, day one favorites since I was a child
Spot for brunch: Five Leaves in NYC
Dessert: Rice pudding
Guilty Pleasure: Reggeaton, LOL
Quote:Day by day, without crying”, from Nora, my mom’s friend
Book: Palinuro de México from Fernando del Paso
Habit: Coffee and reading // basketball
Coffee shop in CDMX: Cucurucho or Amapola
Gallery: Terreno Baldío

He is an absolute fashion scholar who values theory as much as the creative process. Jose Alfredo Silva, Creative Director of Trista, Children of our Town, and co-Director at Tristan e Isolda, studied Industrial Engineering at ITAM, he also holds a Contemporary Art certificate, and a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion by Casa de Francia. Pretty impressive, huh?

He later worked at Boudicca in London for a year, and then went to graduate school in France. He came back to Mexico ten years ago with the idea of Trista in his mind. He was fascinated by fashion since he was a little boy. This fascination started with his love for comic books and basketball: “ Comic books allowed me to understand the power of clothing through the creation of a character; on the other hand, basketball (which I still play, by the way) opened my eyes to the marketing world and the desire for novelty”, he confessed.

“Everything we create is a product of inspiration from our surroundings”, he said. In Jose Alfredo’s case, it is a perfect combination of his academic knowledge and his everyday environment. His main objective as Creative Director is not to produce more clothing but to tell amazing stories that bring poetry to the world. “We need more beauty and we must team up to strengthen out industry. Our creative process is based on investigation and understanding of our market’s needs”, he said.

This brand’s potential for expansion is enormous. We are certain that with Jose in charge, Trista will go very far.

Interview time is almost over but we just can get enough from him, we need to keep on picking this fashion genius’ brain:

FA: Which icon do you admire?

JA: I love Ella Fitzgerald’s character

FA: The next place you will go to…

JA: In 15 minutes I will go to the Trista exhibit, actually. A decade of telling stories, by Cultura Colectiva. (laughs).

FA: What is the last song you listened to on your iPod?

JA: I’m Waiting Here, from David Lynch The Big Dream

FA: How does Mexico contribute to the art and fashion scenes?

JA: By understanding ourselves as individuals and as a unique system which inserts itself in a bigger world. We must define our personality through a job well done.

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