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Webpage: www.anndraneen.com
Instagram: @Anndraneen
Twitter: @anndraneen

Photographer: Ashley Frangie
Instagram: @ashleyfrangie

Stylist: Lorena Murat


Fur or Faux:  Fur
NY or Rome:   New YorK
Book or movie:   movie based on a book
Coco Chanel or Elsa Schiaparelli:   Coco Chanel
Winter or summer:  Summer
Coffe or Tea:  Annette : Coffee, Phoebe:  Tea



Favorite spot: Chappaquidick Island
Dessert:  Demel in Vienna
Guilty pleasure:  Morning Starbucks
Musical, movie or character:  Party Girl with Parker Posey
Blog:  Man RepellerTales of Endearment ,The Glamourai Refinery29, The Fancy Archive
Boutique worth stopping by:  Love AdornedBeautiful Dreamers
Fashion period:  The roaring twenties


Sisters Phoebe and Annette Stephens are the designers behind the exclusive and astonishing jewelry brand Anndra Neen.  Phoebe studied literature at Wheaton College. She worked at Sotheby’s auction house in their Latin American department and later as a fashion specialist for Phillips. While there, she collaborated with designers of the likes of Leana Zuñiga of Electric Feathers and Waris Ahluwalia of House of Waris to create “Fashion at Auction” at Phillips.

Annette graduated from Boston University’s School of Theatre with a BFA in acting. She has performed in off-Broadway experimental theater, silent films and as a stand-up comic. She also has made stop-motion films.

Their philosophy as designers is to create statement pieces; made to be worn now, and passed down. Their jewelry is a luxury product with a distinctively artisanal appeal and that’s what makes them one of a kind. The story behind the brand has fascinated their public in many ways.

One of their main inspirations is their grandmother, the artist Annette Nancarrow, who was a renowned sculptor and jewelry designer. “She always encouraged us to experiment creatively,” they said. “We looked up to her; everything that surrounded her was inspirational.”

But that’s not all. Frida Kahlo was close friends with their grandmother and in some way, their pieces have been inspired by her world. “We grew up hearing a lot of fun stories of Frida and Diego,” they said. “Frida Kahlo, like our grandmother, was one of those unique women who were fierce and uncompromising. Those are the women we design for and that we want to emulate.”

After attending Art Basel in Miami, the artists agree that connection between art and fashion are morphing into one.  What they love the most about their job is working together on something they both are passionate about. They support and applaud the talent of Mexican photographers Mauricio & Santiago Sierra, architect Carlos Huber, jewelry designer Sara Beltran and founder of Flour Shop Amirah Kassem.

The oldest piece inside their wardrobe is a cross pin made with turquoise and the next new thing hanging on their rack will be a Saint Laurent bag. But it is characters like Diane Keaton in Annie Hall, Princess Leia in Star Wars and Rinko Kikuchi in Norwegian Wood who have enthralled them in many ways.

They believe bloggers have a huge impact within the fashion industry. “They are the new independent voice,” they said. “They are the ones that can push the boundaries by becoming leaders and tastemakers.” But the best part of this interview was the inside scoop we got – “We have a daily dance off… but shhh.”

The Fancy Archive is a huge fan of Anndra Neen’s pieces and is glad to share that Phoebe and Annette are among our top favorite artists. Their real talent lies in their capability of creating art through unique materials and timeless designs. So check their work.

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