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El vestido deshilado más chic! Hemos convertido este clásico en una pieza para coleccionar. Un estilo inspirado en México contemporáneo donde plasmamos por medio de hilos una abstracción de el típico rombo zapoteca.100% algodón suave tejido en el tradicional telar de pedal con detalles y acabados a mano.

SKU: 1052549

Hecho de 100% algodon deshilado y detalles hechos a mano.

  • Made in Mexico
  • One Size

The Raw Project is a search for the understanding and creation of what we call “clothing of the future”, because we believe in a more conscious tomorrow, where quality triumphs over quantity, and where we all gain awareness of the impact of our actions in the world. Due to our artisanal production process and our brand values, we do not compete in the fast fashion world; that based on repetition and large inventory. Our business model has an inherent slowness, which depends on people’s labour, natural raw materials and the process of transforming these into unique pieces. Therefore the production of each piece requires a cycle of efforts and additional values given by the different people that intervene it. Raw celebrates life and the hands that work it.

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